Friday, March 20, 2009

Shopping After Work

Sorry I haven't been posting, but I have been in training for a new job with test every day and driving 2 hours a day I have been to tired. I have 4 more weeks, boy has my brain been challenged. On the way home today I needed some inspiring, so I did a little shopping and bought this cute stick thing, you can fold it up and you can put anything down in it. The bunny I couldn't resist. The flowers are down in a nest. I thought they looked so springy.


  1. Hello, Regina. I just wanted to leave a note and let you know that I enjoyed persuing your blog. Your pictures are very beautiful, and I am like you in that my home is mostly furnished with dark furniture. It is so English and never really goes out of style. I do like the white furniture that is so popular right now, but I fear I would tire of it. Many blessings to you.


  2. The Stick Thingie is fun, I would have gotten it too.

  3. I think you can enhance just about anything!
    I want one of those "stick things".


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