Monday, March 2, 2009


  1. Regina,

    I collect ironstone too!!
    Well, actually, I collect collections!
    I start to collect something, then I collect something else, and something else and .... =0)

    I guess I'm the same way with my creating. I begin something, and begin something, and then begin somthing else. =)))))
    That's OK, as it keeps creating fun, as long as I finish some things along the way.

    Like the bird nest you commented on.
    So glad you like it! I think each one I do is my favorite, till the next one. But, this really IS my favorite. There will probably never be another one like it.
    I had never seen a base like that before.
    (I actually have a hard time not taking them all home with me, but so want others to be able to enjoy them.)

    Blessings on your day!!

    Barbara Jean

  2. Hi Regina, I collect ironstone also!!! I really like it when I find it with stains and alot of crazzing I love the look of all the little fine cracks!!!! I love brown and white transfer ware!!!!BEAUTIFUL!!!!Can't wait to see what else you come up with!!!IT'S GREAT GETTING TO KNOW YOU!!!Blessings,Deborah

  3. Good Morning!! I just saw the comment you left me, and it warmed my heart!!! Thank you so much for your kind words!! Love your collection, I am always on the look out for ironstone, but truth is I just don;'t have anywhere to put it, I love the contrast to of the white with the dark wood, looks great!! Talk soon!!

  4. I love the look of the creamy white and the natural wood. Also I think I have worked out the kinks.

  5. Collecting is such a fun and worthwhile hobby. It is always nice feeling to be able show our collections to others who love the same things. Your ironstone looks so lovely. And the china you might just find some place else to showcase them, china are lovely things to show too.

  6. Hi Regina. I have a china cabinet in my kitchen that is filled with white ironstone. I started collecting it in 1973. I have never tired of it! Recently I put a mahogany buffet in my kitchen and have topped it with - white ironstone! I also set books with white or cream colored bindings on it's top. I love to look at it. Collecting does that! Love the way you did your ironstone. Looks great.

  7. Regina, I love ironstone just goes with every thing. I love the patina, I love white anything, except snow right now!
    The new door hanging looks fantastic too!


  8. I love finding vintage ironstone pieces. It is always fun to have something special to hunt for. Your cabinet is beautiful!


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