Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Back Yard

It was soooo...... beautiful today and the lake looked almost like the ocean so blue green. I love living on the lake it is so refreshing and calming. The underneath of the house still has to be rocked and another deck built, sorry if it looks unfinished. We are trying to do all these projects ourselves.


  1. HI!!! Just came on and saw your note, how sweet are you??? Thanks so much for coming by...all the best Chrissy

  2. Regina, Living on a lake is the best.. I can't imagine not being able to see the lake from my pillow as I wake up each day. To sit on the porch and watch the boats, or hear kids swimming in the summer.Pure JOY.
    YOUR place looks fabulous..we too did almost all the work ourselves..and you know the pride you feel when u say "we did this".. Love the secretary in your kitchen. I'm trying to get my Art studio redone, but so many interruptions..I think today is GET to it day..! Thanks for sharing!


I am glad you stopped by thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment. Hope you have a inspired and blessed day. Regina